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Chiropractic Care:

Equine Chiropractic care using Acticator methods to treat areas of the spine that have become "locked up". Using a spring loaded gun to unlock the muscles that contract around the spine to release them. In doing so free up the muscles and the joints and  allowing better communication with the nervous system to make lasting changes.

Treating the athlete that gives us so much. It gives me great to delight to work with all types of horses all ages. From yearlings at the thoroughbreed sales to the 20 year old hacker or the child's learner pony to grand prix show jumpers. To help them recover from injury or to to maintain their optimum   performance, it still amazes me how well they respond and how much they enjoy their treatments. 

Helping horses and riders reach their potential with maintenance care and advice.

We Stock  Cortaflex products, Joint and Muscle Formula from Herbal Science and Equine Biohelp a probiotic and now sponsored by Benchmark feeds for their perfect mash and super mash.

New: All In Flex - Green lipped mussel powder for joints and connective tissue  

Working in with other health equine health providers to give your horse the best treatment as possible.

Nicolett Geldermann, Equine Therapist (DIPO ) Germany, who provides an hands on therapy on horse  that includes palpation and joint mobilization and stretches. In addition she does education talks. or 027 9235 440

Peter Scholes, equine vet that has now moved into being a musculoskeletal Therapist and is based in Leithfield 027 290 7877


Select Health Equine is proud to sponsor four riders for the season:

Jakob Pascoe Canterbury : Show jumper

Jessica Brechin Canterbury : Showing and Dressage

Kristy King - Turner Nelson: Showing

Heid Bulfun Blenheim: Endurance

Anthea Gunner Canterbury : Dressage Para Equestrian

Sarah Gray Canterbury: Dressage ( owner Michelle Zielazo )

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